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I'm Anna, a lifelong student-athlete and stylist. ByBaldwin was born out of my sobriety and the resulting focus on refining who I am, both inside and out. Styling gave me a new form of personal expression and allowed me to shine in my own skin. It gives me immense satisfaction, and I'm so excited to be helping others find a style that fits who they are too. 

ByBaldwin is about you, and helping you achieve the vision you have for yourself. I believe "look good, feel good" has incredible power to transform our confidence and our ability to be who we want to be. Don't underestimate the influence you emit and inspire when you show up brighter in your world. 

I strive to push clients outside their own style limits while also curating repeatable and classic looks to fit your needs. We each have a style within us that I will help bring out of your wardrobe. 

So, let's connect. 


Based in

Atlanta, Georgia

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