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"Anna gave my closet a new life! I love a lot of my pieces and like most people still felt like I had nothing to wear... Anna has an eye and talent for piecing things together in a way that’s hard to articulate. She completes a look, taking different pieces from shoes to earrings to a bag to make an outfit sing! Her attention to detail makes an outfit shine in a way that compliments not only your look but your personality as well. Making it look natural and effortless.


She helped me come up up with over 30-40 new looks with clothes I already have. They are “fresh” and I feel great wearing my clothes again. I’m excited to get dressed and am having more fun with my clothes! I also have never gotten more compliments. I cannot say enough great things about her services. She is also a lot of fun and lovely to work with!!"


"super proud of my choices! but having your help with my closet made a whole difference! I'm way more intentional on my purchases now."

"I was all styled up for my showings this morning and someone asked me if I was famous."

"...this doesn't feel like mindless shopping and I love that. I'm actually building a wardrobe."

"I have gotten at least 10 compliments today! it must be that put together feeling!"

Sample Style Boards:

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